Monday, September 27, 2010

My first commissioned card! Wedding Card

Boy, was I nervous when a coworker asked me to make a card for an upcoming wedding she was attending on 10-10-10! It is intimidating to make a card for someone else to give away.

She told me to make it kind of modern and that their colors were silver and pink and to try and incorporate the wedding day into it because they got a kick out of the 10-10-10 thing. I also knew that the last name started with a P.

I was also very excited to make an envelope! Not pictured is a little sticker I made for her to seal the envelope when she is ready. It is the same swirl design as is on the front of the card.

So, here is the result:

Cartridge : Tie the Knot and Old West (for the est. 10 10 10 portion)

Gorgeous paper is from a little specialty scrap store and I cannot remember the brand name, sorry! The silver swirl and pink came from JoAnns.

EK Success punch

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Cricut Free Project - Art Clothesline

Well, I sold my Cricut *tear*

BUT... I only sold it to make room for a bigger one! Yay!
So right now I am cricut-less and therefore doing projects that have been sitting around forever. I have had the stuff to do this for at least 6 months and it took like 15 minutes, doh!

Amelia is in daycare/preschool and therefore brings home tons of "art" and I feel bad immediately throwing it away. So, I made this for her playroom wall so that we can enjoy project before they ahem, get recycled.

Two felt flowers I just quickly handcut and attached together using a button and thread. Screwed a screw into the wall halfway, wrapped the wire around it and screwed it rest of the way in. Hot glued the flowers onto the screw. Attached art.
Ohhh and Ahhh over the artwork that poot is so proud of.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Mantle - Before and After with letters and Modge Podge aka Gift from Heaven

Our fireplace mantle was in serious need of a declutter/makeover. It has looked like this for 3 years....ok fine more like 5 years, but I know that picture of me and the dolphin was 3 years ago so HA!

Anyway - I bought these chipboard letters about 5 months ago when they went on sale at Hobby Lobby. My cricut is put up for a few days while I try to get my craft area set up so I decided to pull out one of my long overdue non-cricut projects.

This was so easy! All I did was pick up one my favorite paper stack from my stash (Poteeka Souffle by The Paper Studio) that would coordinate best with my living room and picked out my six papers and went to work!

I cut the basic shape of the letter, leaving plenty of room to wrap around the edges. Then I used modge podge on the entire front of the letter, slapped my paper on and started wrapping it around the letter, cutting the paper if need be to get a flat wrap.

I would like to add a few more embellishments to the letters but for now they work and I am thrilled to have something crossed off the project list. I of course want to update the rest of the mantle so I might do something for fall/winter instead of just leaving it as is like I normally do. Baby steps people!

Which letter is your favorite? I like the "L" - you can't tell in the picture but these papers have a wonderful, thread like texture to them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Card

Ok this card has some major mess ups but I know my pawpaw will love it anyway!
He turned 83 this week! He has gone through so much health-wise over the last 2 years and he loves westerns/rodeo so I felt this was the perfect sentiment for him.

The glue seeped through the fur-feel paper and messed up the horses eye and some spots on his leg. I own my boo-boos. I simply ran out of time to fix it.
I am noticing a pattern with all my cards - I have zero time to do a thorough job on them, they are all rush rush rushed and you can tell by looking :-(

Old West Cartridge
Paper and ribbon from Hobby Lobby

Simple Card

This could be used for any occasion, but I used to to send to my Grandparents on the their 63rd Anniversary! Can you even imagine being married that long? Awesome!

Cardstock and ribbon from Hobby Lobby

Speaking of birthdays....

Our friends just had their second baby girl! Happy Birthday Claire!

This is the card I sent to her a few days ago...just barely got it to her before Claire decided to come :-)

New Arrivals cartridge
Liquid pearls on bassinet (smeared to make it shiny and then one pearl on the bow)
Ribbon from Hobby Lobby
Cardstock Scrapbook Pal from my awesome friend Ligeia as well as a paper stack of unknown origin.
Inside a rhinesonte sticker of unknown origin. Dots cuttlebug folder and vellum used for gift card holder.

Just for fun...

Here is a picture of me and my baby girl on her 2nd birthday! Love you baby!

Here is the same scenario last year *tear*