Friday, April 30, 2010

Cartridge giveaway! (not from me though, LOL)

Go here to enter to win a Cricut Cartridge!

Fairy Princess Birthday Party Invitations

I just finished the HUGE task of making 2nd birthday invites for my dear friend's daughter. The theme was Fairy Princess and this is what we came up with. This was literally over 12 hours of work but I am SO pleased with how they turned out. I won't post the inside for privacy reasons but it is cute pink polka-dot paper and it says "Calling all fairy princess and every frog prince! You are royally invited.." and the party details.

Those cakes... oh those cakes took at least 3.5 hours alone! (There were 20 invitations)

Birthday invites are a big deal and I was nervous I would screw it up. Thanks J for letting me use you as my guinea pig, I appreciate the learning opportunity...and can't wait for the party :)

BIrthday Prince

I made this card for a little boy turning 2 tommorow. The Once Upon A Princess cartridge might has well be glued into my Cricut.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Card

I made this card for PPP's little friend Gavin for his second birthday. I know it is a little "Grown up" looking but the plaid reminded me of the little shorts his mom puts on him. He is very preppy so I wanted a card to match ;)

PS: Yes I realize I did not dot the "i" on Birthday. That fact has haunted me for weeks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Wreath

I made this wreath for my front door to welcome spring!

Tutorial can be found here:


I dabble in sewing in addition to paper crafts. I was recently gifted a new Brother sewing machine and we are in love. I wish I had more time to play with him. Here is one of my favorite things I have ever sewed...a little dress for Princess Pooty Pants!

First Card

I did this card about a month ago for the Gender Reveal Party of my soon-to-be-born niece or nephew. We all found out the gender (including the baby's parents!!!) when the cake was cut to show pink or blue frosting.

I was obviously fairly new to making cards but it was fun to make.

P.S: It's a boy!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally did it!

Well, I finally started a blog. This is mainly just a way for me to keep a log of my projects.

I like to sew and play with my Cricut. Right now I mainly make cards and scrapbook and I am not good at either but I try.

The name of this blog is from my mom. She always called me "Sallie Sweet from Sesame Street" and I hated it. However, now that I am mom myself I think it is so cute and I hope that my daughter will one day appreciate being called "Princess Pooty Pants"... it could happen right?