Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's day card sets

I apologize in advance for the horrible pictures, I really need to bust out the good camera because this is not cutting it. And they keep loading sideways. GRRRRR.

First up is the set I made for my Mother-In-Law. I will be honest, I am not in love with it. I *LIKE* it but I did it first and I think I picked up some tips along the way because I like my mom's much better.

I bought the box and pen at Micheals. Mother-in-law aka Mamaw, loves red so that was my jumping off point.

I do love this gold on gold paper, it feels really luxurious. I just wish I would have done a little something extra. Not sure what.

I will do better next time. I am not sure my poor mother-in-law even gave it a second glance.
Now, my mom's (aka Gigi) is better for two reasons. 1 - I LOVE this teal/cream color scheme and 2- I had a kit that helped me immensely when it came to matching papers with embellishments. Huge difference and I will know better next time than to try to create these sets without a kit.

I wanted to keep this set for myself.

My mom seemed extremely happy with it. Love you mommy!

And for good measure, here is the little poot that made me a mommy. Love you baby girl!

Yes we kiss on the mouth, lol. I wouldn't have it any other way <3


kcoleman said...

Damn, your cards are so awesome! I wish I was as crafty as you are.

Teena said...

these are my all time favorite thing in the gift world !