Monday, June 28, 2010

DONE! Baby Shower Invites

Remember my sneak peek?

Well it has turned into THIS:
30 invitations to a joint baby shower! Ahhh!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave some feedback and tell me what you think. I was told Toys and Boys theme using shades of primary colors. Oh, and I ran out of the blue ribbon and couldn't find it anywhere so I used the brown on the remaining. I actually think I like the brown better!
The information, date and time etc, is on the back on the same blue paper. Just a plain sheet attached to the back of the card. I took a picture thinking the info was blurry enough but you could read it and I am too lazy to retake the pics again.

I would love to hear opinions on these!

New Arrival cartridge


Heather said...

I think it is very cute! Good job

Ginger said...

Love them!!!! Great job! :) said...

I love them!! Great Job! Now a follower:)
Also I wanted you to invite you to come talk about card making and scrapbooking at my web site:)
I would love to have more people over there who love it like I do:) Also check out my blog too:)

Teena said...

I think these rock !