Monday, May 31, 2010

Crayon Roll - Fail!

LOL, I wanted to gift this to a little girl having an owl themed party but since it is as ugly as sin I guess I will let PPP keep it! This was my first time sewing in about 3 months and you can tell! Also I did not have the correct interfacing so I went without...big mistake.

I still have fabric left over so I will have to try again soon. I love these fabrics together, it's the execution that needs improvement :-)

This is hysterically bad.


The Bowlings said...

I think it's adorable!!

Working Mom Tottums said...

I don't think its bad at all for a first try! I bet the interfacing will help a lot with how the fabric lays though :)

Lizzyjames said...

How is that bad? I think it looks great!